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Applied Spectra – Unexpected Projects

CA Visual Design is proud to be given an opportunity to re-design Applied Spectra web site.  We are known for developing clean, professional looking web site and the exactly what we deliver for (ASI)  Applied Spectra, Inc. – A Laser Solution Company.

Web site features includes:

  • Drop down menu with multiple level using jQuery and CSS
  • Simple home page Slideshow
  • Image Viewer using jQuery and CSS
  • Organized and well structured layout

Thank you ASI for believing and giving us the opportunity to create amazing projects.

Motif Jewels WebSite

It’s been awhile since we last announce some of the website we designed and developed and we wanted to continue announcing them and show how proud we are to finish a good project.

CA Visual Design is very proud to announce Motif Jewels web site.  An e-commerce website project that started to be a small project and ending up to be a big project, our client is amazed how we handle this type project that ending up adding more features after another.

Here are some highlight features that we are very proud of:

  • Custom module – Build Your Own Ring
  • Real-time Shipping module for FedX, and UPS
  • Importing batch products data from supplier using XML
  • Elegant Web Design
Motif Jewels E-Commerce Site

Motif Jewels