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Internet Marketing Strategies to Promote a Website

A well plan internet marketing can be an inexpensive ways guidance promoting a website. This will increase the number of your customers and will improve your company’s products and services. This also provides companies to be able to receive instant response from potential customers. Now a days you can build Internet Promotion fast and a little easier (but not totally easy). Like for example, email promoting a new product can be sent in to a number of recipients. Continue reading

Kathy White, MFT WebSite

Fun and simple website, that is how I describe this project. Kathy White, MFT was having difficulty managing her previous website and decided to contact CA Visual Design to review it and see if there is away to improve it, upon reviewing her site we notice that her website is not displaying correctly on all known browser and on top of that the design is not pleasing to her target audience. We then proposed her a solution that guaranteed will solve those issues and the cost will still fit within her budget. We develop a professional clean looking website using an Open Source application (WordPress) so she can manage the website easily and the clean design compliment the type of work she does (as a Marriage Family Therapy), well after all her last is White.

Kathy White, MFT WebSite

Kathy White, MFT WebSite

Lorelei’s Design Website

After all the work, we are very happy to finished the Lorelei’s Design website. Lori (Interior Designer) came to CA Visual Design with the need to create a website where she can showcase her work and services. She wanted a website that allows her to manage it by her self without touching the code. We provided the solution that fit her need and budget, we use Joomla (open source CMS Application).

Lorelei's Design Website

Lorelei's Design Website check it out!