Small Business Five Free or Low Cost Promotional Tips

In this tight economy, everybody is concerned about their budget, and businesses are working overtime to attract customers. Often times working for your self and by your self, small business owners must be masters of self promotion to build a successful business.

Here are my Top Five free or low cost promotional tips for small businesses.

1. Brand – A recognizable and compelling logo will not only attract the attention and curiosity of a consumer, but help separate your business from the rest. Professional logos can be expensive if you are not doing your homework, but finding local freelance graphic designers or small design studio can be a great and low cost alternative.

2. Referral – Nothing bit this type of advertising and builds a business better than the recommendation of happy customers. Having an attractive referral program, such as offering customer incentives, your satisfied customers will be even more willing to share your information with their friends and colleagues.

3. Promote – Find ways to connect with the your local newspaper to feature you and your company in an article – promote your company to your friends, friend of your friends, and consider various offline and online press release to spread the good news.

4. Socialize – Social media is here to stay! With more consumers turning to online networks for guidance on purchasing decisions, small businesses must utilize networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other 47 more social media channels in order to build customer awareness and loyalty.

5. Company Profile – Create your profile to online Business Listing such as Google, Wikepedia, About and many other.  Company profiles are a great way to build brand awareness and find your easily, and attract potential customers.

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  1. Verona Raymond

    Tips for Low Cost Promotion to Get Your Radio Advertising Cost Down to Free

    When desiring to use low cost promotion, and you are wanting a good radio spot, there are valuable tips to help you lower your radio advertising cost. First, you’ll need to pick your preferred radio station, one that you think might possibly be attentive to your product. Get in touch with them and share with them something that you provide as a winning prize for one of their contests. It doesn’t have to be anything truly expensive. Even a T-Shirt will do or other items such as books, tickets, artwork, coupons, etc.

    You can try PI or Per Inquiry. Mail out a letter to the radio station you’re interested in to advertise with and present them good quality benefits why they might want to consider doing PI along with you. You simply compensate them IF you get an inquiry about your products or services. No inquiries means no money.

    Bartering is a great way of getting free radio advertising, and free radio publicity particularly with several of the smaller sized local stations. Listen to the radio station and see just what they could want that you’ve got. It may be simple things like you volunteering your efforts to host a show of theirs using a specific topic. A lot of radio stations may have guest hosts with regards to the format.

    You will find a good deal of non profit stations around. The majority are college stations. The great thing about college radio stations is they have an extremely loyal group of fans.

    The point is, once you simply contact such types of stations and present them a reason to bring you on, they’ll be more than happy to allow you to plug your product or service. As you zero in on a non profit station and its demographics, the rest is no problem in terms of targeting your offer.

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